M&A Advisory Services

Hidetoshi Iwasaki of Infinity Corporation has many years of experience as an M&A banker and an M&A advisor. The role of an M&A advisor is (1) to provide financial advisory services as well as (2) to orchestrate a team of legal and accounting professionals, and thus, to close the deal, acting as the prime mover.

┃Buy-Side Representation

Selection and Evaluation of Acquisition Candidates

Advisory on various Acquisition Schemes

Negotiation Strategy

Post-merger Integration

Management Buyout

Share Repurchase and Self-tenders

┃Sell-side Representation

Selection and Evaluation of Buyer Candidates

Strategic vs. Financial Buyers

Advisory on various Sales Schemes

Negotiation Strategy

Assessment on Buyer’s Post-merger Integration Proposals


Advisory on Merger Structures

Advisory on Merger Ratio and Negotiations

Post-merger Integration

┃Advisory on Strategic Business Alliance

┃Cross-Border M&A